What is our personal responsibility?


      We live in a society, mass of people. In our sight, there are necessarily other people, our family, friends and acquaintances, so there are many things we have got to keep in mind.

      The personal responsibility is one of that. 

     I will give an example. Mizuki is a high school student and he attends KITAKO. He have regretted entering the school and complained to his mother. "I didn't know I could obtain nothing in my school. I should have gone a technical high school." "But it was your decision." His mother said. "No! My teacher recommended KITAKO to me." "Don't blame others. It's your personal responsibility"

     His mother is absolutely right. However I cannot accept her assertion. 

     Society always demands our decisions but our decisions are personal responsibility. This fact suggests that society is an illusion and a person consist of a person. We cannot count on others even if they are our families, friends or teachers. The form of society that people can depend other people and the eternal truth that a person is solitary are definitely contradictory to each other. Therefore I feel that a personal responsibility is unreasonable.