How to keep yor mind from depression

     These days, I am troubled about a stomachache. I have a sharp stomachache under a specific condition which is my feeling depressed. Thinking about my mistakes, relationships, the future, and so forth, my mind goes blank and I make a deep sigh. I gradually begin to make me sick and then something unusual happens to me.


     This problem was so serious that I looked for a solution and I found the way to keep my mind from depression.

  1. Clear my mind
  2. Watching animation

     Number 1 is especially important. ......I'm talking seriously. 

     When I am in school, my condition is wrong, because I don't like my school. Especially, I don't get along with my classmates. So, clearing my mind is important. When I pay no attention to my surroundings, I don't feel depressed.

     Number 2 is how to distract myself. I like animation. It is the best way for me to feel good.

     Depression is rather danger because it is likely to cause bad conditions. I think that you should watch out your body's danger signal.